Wedding Dress: Cleaning & Preservation

After your wedding, it is recommend having your gown professionally cleaned to preserve its integrity.

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During the wedding celebration, most likely your wedding gown collect dust from the floor and probably some food stained the dress. You have options to restore the beauty of your dress.  You can always reach out to the nearest bridal boutique for advice, they usually offer a selection of multiple cleaning services, including steaming, pressing, and dry cleaning, or you can choose to have your dress cleaned and packed in museum-quality, acid-free packaging and returned ready to store. All cleaning services are performed by a wedding gown preservation specialist using an organic cleaning process, ensuring even the most delicate fabrics are handled with care. 

For vintage gowns that need extra special care, you can choose a gentle hand wash and use special techniques to remove old stains and lessen the effect of yellowing. 

Have you think about to repurpose your wedding dress by dyeing and restyling it so you can wear it time and time again?

Here some information about average cost for cleaning and preservation costs.


Your gown is dry cleaned and aired out to release caustic cleaning fumes, then lightly steamed and packed into a museum-quality, acid-free box with a viewing window and stuffed with acid-free tissue paper.



Steaming starting at $50
Vintage Hand-wash starting at $300
Dry Cleaning starting at $0+


Pricing starts at $280
Includes up to three accessories. Alterations clients get $50 off cleaning services. 


Choose a dark, cool, dry space for storage. Avoid extreme temperatures areas like attics, basements, and garages. The ideal spot is an interior space away from exterior walls and pipes that might burst and off the floor away from pets.

Inspect your wedding treasures at least once per year. Check for any stains that may appear and treat them immediately. You’ll have better success with stain removal the sooner the stains are caught. After inspecting, with clean hands, fold the items slightly differently and cushion with the tissue to minimize creases and stress to the fabrics.