“TERMS OF SALE” AGREEMENT Between Bridal with love LLc and counterpart name to be determined by invoice and Acceptance of our terms of service during checkout  

ORDER WEDDING GOWN AND ACCESORIES: All wedding dresses are made to order and individually ordered from our designers for you. 

For order online of by phone the full payment is required, no order will be sent to any designers until full payment is received. 

For order in person at the store and deliver to the bride in the store few payment options are available. A minimum of 60% deposit is required. Sometimes designers offer instalment payments if the bride has enough time, at that point once the payment has reached a 40% of the amount in the quote, Bridal with love LLC, as courtesy, will place an order for the dress.

Bridal accessory orders require payment in full at the time of the order. The balance of any wedding dress needs to be paid in full at the time of the shipment of the order from the designer to the store.

Once an order is placed, the order cannot be cancelled, and the funds paid are not refundable.

Customers who cancel their sales contract are NOT entitled to a refund of ANY amount already paid up to and including the cancellation date. Please be aware that once gowns are ordered no cancellation periods from suppliers apply to Bridal with Love, LLC and under NO circumstances can this be changed. Dress orders will still have to be paid for in FULL if the wedding or event is cancelled for whatever reason regardless of ANY circumstance.

Cancellations will result in the forfeiture of your deposit (or funds paid toward the deposit), and in some cases, the balance. Should you’re wedding or event be cancelled after merchandise has been ordered, it remains the responsibility of the customer to pay the balance due. Returned and stop payment checks are subject to a $50 administrative fee.
Our bridal gowns are made of the finest fabrics. Irregularities are common in natural fabrics and are not considered defective. These variations cannot be controlled by the designer or Bridal with Love. Merchandise is handmade, therefore slight variations from the sample can occur.
CONFIRMATION AND SIZING: We agree to place your special order for you with an approximate delivery date as 3 months prior your wedding date or as soon as it comes available. Bridal with Love is not responsible for delays beyond our control or for variation in size and dye lots, although these issues are not anticipated. Special order merchandise as wedding dress is generally sized smaller than ready to wear merchandise and therefore, we may only recommend sizes according to the manufacturer’s size charts.
We are not responsible for the accuracy of measurements provided to us by external sources, choosing your size, or for fluctuations in your measurements after the order is placed. Gowns are not made to specific measurements, but to the closest US standard size available, and may require additional alterations to achieve the desired fit.

If customers have a significant change in body shape or weight following the sales order being placed, it is their responsibility to inform Bridal with Love, LLC as soon as possible. It is not policy to take in gowns by any more than one dress size (maximum 2”) as this could adversely affect the style and look of the gown. It is at the customers’ risk if more than this is required to be taken in.

Letting out of all gowns is also not advisable and is at the risk of the customer should they decide on this requirement for their gown. Advice taken from the alteration specialist is also taken at the customers’ own risk and personal choice, the specialist cannot be held responsible for any decisions made about the alteration of any garment which is deemed unsatisfactory after any alterations are completed if the customer requested them.


  1. Fitting days may be restricted to certain days due to the nature of the specialist schedule being independent to the store, customers will be advised on booking their fittings as to when the specialist is available, every endeavor will be made to accommodate the customers’
  2. Customers are advised that if they do not require the alterations service provided instore and  wish to take their garments elsewhere that they inform the store as soon as they have decided, as Bridal with Love, LLC will not be held responsible for alterations having to be done by another specialist too close to the wedding date.
  3. Any gowns purchased from another store and brought to be altered at Bridal with Love, LLC will incur a fee of $20 per Bridesmaid and $30 per wedding Gown. Gowns can be steamed at the customers’ request, at their own.


  1. a) Upon arrival of your merchandise, you will be notified. All balances must be settled within 30 days of notification. If the balance is not paid within 30 days, interest penalties of 3% per month will apply. Merchandise cannot be stored at Bridal with Love for more than 12 months. If the merchandise is not picked up within 12 months, it will be forfeited to Bridal with Love.


  1. Bridal with Love, LLC is not able to guarantee the color matching of individual bridesmaids unless the order for all garments is placed all on the same order date. Color matching is more difficult when garments are ordered at different dates there will be a better chance that all the garments will match if cut from the same fabric.
  2. Bridal with Love, LLC is unable to guarantee fabric swatch matches with instore garments due to fabric changes. Swatches should be regarded as an indication only. This applies to all fabrics, laces, beading, and any other trimmings.
  3. All the accessories (Earings, necklace, tiaras, headpieces and belt), veil/cape and sleeves that are mentioned and/or shown in any gown pictures in our website, or designer websites from any of our designers are considered optional and they need to be purchase separately.
  4. All designers whose collections we showcase hold exclusive copyright ownership of their wedding dress designs. They retain the right to modify these designs at their discretion. Typically, designs from older collections may undergo minor alterations after two years, such as adjustments to lace due to production shifts, fabric color variations, or changes to fastenings like laces and buttons.
  5. Designers reserve the right to discontinue gowns at their discretion. If an order is placed prior to a gown’s discontinuation date, it will be fulfilled. While the internet may still display images of discontinued gowns, we are not liable for any outdated web content

Should the wedding or event be canceled after merchandise has been ordered, it remains your responsibility to pick up the item(s) upon its arrival to our salon and payment in is expected. If the merchandise is not picked up within 30 days, it will be forfeited to Bridal with Love. Bridal with Love is not liable for any items once they have left our premises. You must notify Bridal with Love a minimum of 7 business days in advance of when you intend to pick up your gown.
SHIPPING: Bridal gowns may be shipped for a fee of $175 plus tax. Bridesmaid dresses may be shipped for a fee of $25 plus tax. If the merchandise is shipped out of state, sales tax will not be charged on the merchandise. Shipping details such as the recipient’s name, phone number, and address must be provided a minimum of two weeks in advance of the ship date. The shipping fee is for FEDEX/ UPS Ground Service (insured/signature required) to the contiguous 48 states only. Additional charges may apply for expedited shipping services. Bridal with Love is not responsible for any damages to the gown or accessories after that the gown left the premises of our store or the customer requested direct shipping.


  1. a) Should be Bridal with Love breach its obligations under this agreement, its liability is limited to the amount paid, if any direct loss incurred by the customer arising from such The store will NOT be liable for any breaches caused by circumstances outside Bridal with Love, LLC’ control, including, but not restricted to acts of God, war, riot, terrorism, malicious damage, fire, flood or storm, suppliers going out of business.


CLEANING: Should your gown become soiled in any way, it is your responsibility to have the gown cleaned. Bridal with Love suggests being extremely careful with your gown during your portraits to prevent stains. Bridal with Love is not responsible for stains on merchandise due to lotions, medications, self-tanners, perspiration, etc. that may be transferable when wearing the garment. Bridal with Love may recommend a professional cleaner for your convenience but Bridal with love in no way indorses this company.
DELIVERY: If you accept the alterations package, service is available for wedding gown delivery to locations in Tampa for a fee of $175. This fee includes delivery of the wedding gown to the ceremony site. Delivery service is only available during store hours. This is a drop off service only. A person designated by the Bride must be present at the time and location of delivery. If the designated person is not available to accept the gown within 15 minutes of the scheduled delivery time, the gown will be returned to Bridal with Love, it will be the bride’s responsibility to pick up the gown, and the delivery fee will not be refunded.         
RETURN AND REFUND: Bridal with Love, LLC does not allow return of any merchandise, that was shipped and delivered to the customer address for any reason. Before to ship a gowns or accessories we inspect every items accurately, we are not responsible for any damages occurred after a gown or accessories leave the warehouse or store. A payment through our providers cannot be completed without accepting the following terms of sale. I have read and understand the TERMS OF SALE and AGREEMENT – Customers that enter in a transaction agreement with Bridal with Love LLC, must retain a copy of this agreement as part of the sale. Acceptance of our quote and terms of sales for wedding dress or accessory is considerate as an electronic signature and acceptance by customer listed in the invoice and quote to this agreement. By accepting our term of sale, you agree to the payment in full of the dress quote or accessory quote mentioned in your attached invoice and previously email to you. Please print the following agreement for your record, we do not email copy, if not requested. This is considered by Florida Law a legal binding contract between Bridal with Love LLC and the customer in the linked and accepted Invoice.

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